Welcome To Sunday Scripture Study for Catholics!

This site is designed for those Catholics who are being led to delve into God’s Word, but don’t have the foggiest idea on where to start. As this site develops, we will be trying to provide answers to the questions most commonly asked by fellow Catholics: Where do I start (right here!)? What does the Church teach about the Scriptures and Scripture reading (lots!)? What’s the best Bible to use (a Catholic one, of course!)? Can Catholic beliefs be defended biblically (is the Pope Catholic?!)? Of course, you’ll find more in-depth answers than these in this site, but you’ll find that out as you navigate around.

First, however, a few disclaimers, provisos, and quid pro quos:

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Read God's Book continually; never let the sacred volume be out of your hand. Learn, so that you may teach.

- St. Jerome

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